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Starting January 1st, our services entered under ALTEN KEPLER umbrella, an IT division who will work under ALTEN Group branding guidelines.

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  • Expertise \ Business domains and functional knowledge

eHealthcare, Medical services

Innovative telemedicine projects and collaborations for the world’s first telehealth booth.

More than 7 years experience in integrated eHealthcare systems.

Intervention areas:

  • New generation of health solutions - autonomous medical units replicating a medical doctor’s office operated through a unique, fully certified technology (Telemedicine )
  • Medical access for remote areas, Teleconsultation, Telemonitoring
  • Optimization of medical and paramedical resources
  • Secure Data Processing
  • eHealth Interoperability


Projects and collaborations with the main worldwide players in the energy field.

More than 6 years experience in the energy business.

Intervention areas:

  • Sales, prospects, quotation and negotiation.
  • Pricing, demand profiling, products development / configuration.
  • Contract management system, load management.
  • Metering, readings, usage demand, TOU (Time Of Use) data, etc.
  • Billing, charges, flexible calculation engine.
  • Trading, analysis, balancing, settlements.
  • Network billing, tariff modeling.
  • Financial reporting.
  • Smart grids.

Information services for local communities

Projects done for the top information providers in France.

Unified management of data (commercial and content).

Automatic flows and data processing.

Intervention areas:

  • Information on local tenders, tender winners and contract/project attributions.
  • Custom focused information for specific markets / clients.
  • Magazines and catalogues (domestic and industrial).
  • Jobsites for the local communities.
  • Market information.
  • Trainings and conferences.
  • Local communities and construction content (articles).
  • Integration with official EU journals.

Procurement and purchasing

Partnership with niche agile companies for creating a flexible e-Procurement and purchasing tool.

Business framework created and developed as a relatively generic template.

Integration with 3rd party tools for incoming and outgoing data flows.

Intervention areas:

  • Management of adherents and suppliers on different markets.
  • Management of products and services, mercurial.
  • Loyalty programs.
  • Demand grouping.
  • Management of approval rules management for users, services and companies.
  • Flexible workflows management (workflow engine).
  • Performance management (quality and financial).
  • Strategic sourcing scenarios.

Other domains

  • B2B et B2B2C e-commerce platfoms
  • Financial services portals
  • Distribution (including FMCG).
  • Airport weather forecast.
  • Pharmacy.
  • Childcare services (nannies, schools, etc).
  • Medical services, data integration and online examination.
  • Hotels and restaurants.
  • Retail systems (including POS / fiscal).
  • Forecasting sales and procurement based on historical data.
  • Banking.