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Starting January 1st, our services entered under ALTEN KEPLER umbrella, an IT division who will work under ALTEN Group branding guidelines.

For more information about us, please check www.altenromania.ro

  • Approach \ In depth business understanding
  • Modern software development methodologies are based on an agile approach.
  • Light documentation and the focus on informal communication flows implies a common knowledge base and culture and expert team members.
  • Kepler Engineering's lead analysts and programmers have the goal to acquire extensive business knowledge and an overall view on the project.
  • We start all projects by studying and understanding the following:
    • the business domain and business processes;
    • the market rules (acquired from specialized institutions);
    • the functional scope of the whole project.

    For following the agile process all means of communication are combined and used throughout the lifecycle of the project. We communicate daily with our clients staying as close as possible to the functional specialists.