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Starting January 1st, our services entered under ALTEN KEPLER umbrella, an IT division who will work under ALTEN Group branding guidelines.

For more information about us, please check www.altenromania.ro

  • About us \ Kepler Enginering:
    High value business oriented software services

Business oriented software services.

We specialize in addressing complex business needs and adding specific business knowledge to the software services.

Better results are achieved through specialization - we specialize in modelling and implementing business needs.

Dedicated teams acquire functional knowledge and act as a smart and flexible software development back-office of our clients.

The key differences from our competition is our approach:

  • Functionality understanding (-> functional specifications)
  • Creation of technical architecture and specifications
  • Implementing software and integrating change in the process
  • Support and evolutions

Our clients don't need to spend time on the technical aspects of their projects.

Our staff is trained and experienced for a result oriented approach.